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LBC Radio Interview

I was interviewed this morning by Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio in London.

Nick struck a sensitive, balanced, and nuanced tone, and I appreciate the consideration being given for the family members, above all the children, of a person who chooses to live as the opposite gender – really, in this case, of a man who begins living as a woman, as those were the only issues discussed.

I don’t know if the interview is accessible in the States.


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Setting the Record Straight

I did not write the piece published as an open letter from me to “Mrs. Maloney” – she doesn’t even appear to have a first name – in today’s UK Mirror, a tabloid. I was interviewed yesterday by one of the paper’s reporters with the understanding that he was writing a piece on the effects of a public gender transition on the wife and children of the trans person. He apparently spliced together some of my remarks with excerpts from my book previously published in the UK Guardian. As anyone who has read those excerpts, or my book, will recognize, the sentiments are more or less mine; the rather lame writing is not.

What is more important to clarify is that I would never presume to know what a woman I have never met was feeling or thinking or to intrude on her experience in this public manner. Her experience is hers. Not mine, not her husband’s, not anyone else’s.

That, actually, is what the reporter got right: “Mrs. Maloney” and anyone else in her or my situation has the right to our experience, and the right to be true to ourselves.

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