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Sex Changes: The Playlist

Large Hearted Boy is a unique website devoted to both music and literature. Among other things, David Gutowski gives writers a chance to imagine playlists for their books. Here is mine for Sex Changes:


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The gods must be angry

An article in the New York Times on Sunday described a fascinating situation among Cambodia’s garment factory workers. It seems that where efforts by the unions representing these poorly paid young women have failed to increase wages, an uprising by ancestral spirits might be – incrementally – succeeding. The women are fainting en masse, speaking in the voices of guardian spirits, and the otherwise indifferent public is taking notice.

Mass hysteria?

An innovative organizing tool?

I must admit that in a country in which young women on strike against the terms of their employment – including a monthly minimum wage of less than $100 – can be killed by the police, I prefer to think outside the terrestrial box.

Maybe the gods are just getting angry. 


Workers of the World, Faint!


In history, magical events have been reported when indigenous peoples confront industrial capitalism.

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