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Breaking News: Good Girls Don’t Make Waves

The UK Guardian and The New York Times report today that good girls don’t say anything that might hurt someone else’s feelings.


If that sounds familiar, you are in good company. Germaine Greer has heard it too. The only trouble is she is refusing to keep her mouth shut.

Some students are Cardiff University want the author censored. They have called upon their school to disinvite Greer from speaking on campus because they disagree with some of her views. Presumably they believe in censoring any opinion they don’t agree with, and expect their university to back them up.

Cardiff has refused to cancel Greer’s appearance. Greer sounds mildly baffled by the uproar.

When told that voicing her opinions might hurt people’s feelings, the writer responds, “People are hurtful to me all the time. Trying being an old woman, for goodness sakes.”

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