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American Girl Dolls

Some of us were made a bit queasy by American Girl Dolls at their best. An interesting article in the Atlantic analyzes changes in the line, to which I’ve posted a comment. As I mention there, I never really liked the dolls’ back stories, since that seemed to me to take away the whole purpose of doll play – making up stories. But my daughter and I did enjoy imagining our own line of trans dolls at a certain point when we needed some comic and creative relief, as I describe in Sex Changes.


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UK Guardian on Trans Youth

An article in the UK Guardian today by a trans teen talks about the needs of trans youth.

The writer speaks of wanting things like safety, understanding, and health care. Reading this, I can’t help but think: so many women feel exactly the same.

Above all, I find myself reacting to the writer’s hectoring, belligerent tone, and use of the silly, offensive labels trans activists have devised to tag those who don’t identify as trans.  As I note in my comment on the site, it is ironic that a movement for respect and self-definition feels it has the right to rename others against their will, presumably hoping the world will be intimidated into accepting these labels. A group which rightly demands an end to bullying, aggression, and silencing should not bully, behave aggressively toward, and seek to silence others.


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