The rest is commentary…

I’ve been quite interested in the lively debate among commentators recently. I am pleased that people have been using this site to communicate with each other, particularly when the conversation manages to remain civil. Alas, feelings run high in this arena, and not every exchange is respectful. Thus, I feel this is a good moment to clarify my evolving take on comments to this site.

I often feel a great deal of sympathy for those sharing their voices and opinions here – and I sometimes feel little sympathy for the opinions expressed. The fact that I choose to include a comment does not mean it is an expression of my views – it is the view of the person writing it.

Because of past attempts to censor my book and other writing, I am sensitive to issues of freedom of speech and want very much to foster open conversation about all the concerns touched upon in, or that spin off from, my posts. That’s one reason I include commentary that I don’t necessarily like. I am trying to draw the line at posts that are nasty, threatening, or that are clearly sent in a spirit of attack – just as I don’t welcome people into my home to attack me, I don’t offer this as a place for such comments. 

It seems likely that people are going to be talking about gender issues for a long time to come, and I hope some of you will do it – interestingly! respectfully! – here.

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