UK Guardian on Trans Youth

An article in the UK Guardian today by a trans teen talks about the needs of trans youth.

The writer speaks of wanting things like safety, understanding, and health care. Reading this, I can’t help but think: so many women feel exactly the same.

Above all, I find myself reacting to the writer’s hectoring, belligerent tone, and use of the silly, offensive labels trans activists have devised to tag those who don’t identify as trans.  As I note in my comment on the site, it is ironic that a movement for respect and self-definition feels it has the right to rename others against their will, presumably hoping the world will be intimidated into accepting these labels. A group which rightly demands an end to bullying, aggression, and silencing should not bully, behave aggressively toward, and seek to silence others.


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3 responses to “UK Guardian on Trans Youth

  1. K

    Hello! First of all, I am loving your blog!
    Second, thank you for having the courage to call out the transgender community on their tactics. I’m transsexual myself, and the aggression, entitlement, and magical thinking of the TG community have really caused me to seek my distance, as their views and way of interacting with non-trans folk are mostly very different than mine. I’ve noticed a disturbing amount of misogyny and a LOT of male privilege showing through in this community, and we who see it point it out at our peril.

    I just found this blog, but I’ll be reading your book very soon! Take care and stay strong.

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