IF NOT NOW, WHEN? Changing Gun Laws

By and large, it is women who teach our children. Which means that school violence is often violence against women, as well as violence against children. Witness the six teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

I was reflecting on this yesterday as I listened to Massachusetts State legislators discuss gun control laws, among other issues, at Congregation B’nai Israel in Northampton, MA. IF NOT NOW, WHEN? This quintessential Jewish expression of the need to take action and responsibility, said State Representative Ellen Story, applies to gun control if it applies to anything. Seconding Story, State Senator Stan Rosenberg pointed out that the NRA wields political power wildly in excess of its membership of some 4 million, because it is funded by and represents gun manufacturers. Gun manufacturers want to sell guns – the more the merrier. When the NRA refuses to consider any curbs on who can access guns, and what weapons are available, they aren’t defending American freedom. They’re defending gun manufacturers’ right to make a buck.

Who does the NRA speak for? Not me.Image

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