Huffington Post This Week

The Huffington Post ran a story this week about a child who identifies as transgendered. Many were concerned that the child was being pushed into this designation by over-eager parents, while others applauded the support the child was receiving at home. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I do know that the issues are incredibly tricky where a child is concerned.

In any case, I can imagine the President addressing transgender issues in his inaugural speech – and finding himself censored by trans activists for saying the “wrong” thing. I posted this comment:


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3 responses to “Huffington Post This Week

  1. Ms. Benvenuto. I am reading your book, and I’m totally absorbed by it. You are the first to write a memoir about this traumatic experience,, validating the pain and loss that wives and children go through in these transitions. You write more eloquently than I could have. I thank you for your courage.
    Elizabeth Ellis, Atlanta

  2. MarySunshine

    Thanks, Christine. I’ve pdf’ed your comment there, in case there’s an uproar and the take it down.

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